The best handheld cleaners for home owners

If you are searching for a more compact option than an upright carpet washer, consider investing in a handheld carper cleaner. Not as mini as standard vacuum cleaners but much less cumbersome and lighter compared to their vertical counterparts – hand held carpet cleaners make storage easier and give you the ability to conveniently access it anytime required!

As the sole provider of compact and handheld carpet washers, Bissell has a distinct upper hand in this market. From the Little Green to the pricier Homecare Emergency Spot Cleaner, or even their 2-in-1 CleanView Lift Off carpet cleaner – all options offer unbeatable convenience for achieving a deep clean on carpets and upholstery.

While the Little Green is relatively lightweight in comparison to other upright carpet washers, it isn’t as small as a handheld vacuum cleaner. Weighing only 4.6kg, this machine is almost 50% lighter than many of its counterparts- like the Bissell CleanView QuickWash which weighs 5.5 kg! The Little Green offers all the power you need with none of the added bulk and weight that traditional models can bring along with them.

This Bissell motor is a formidable 300-350watt, which in comparison to more costly and powerful carpet cleaners like the Bissell CleanView QuickWash & CleanView Reach models or Vax Rapide Deluxe, serves up comparable cleaning power. Accordingly, its water tank holds 1.4 litres of liquid — less than an upright washer but still enough for emergency and spot cleanings.

The 1.35 metre hose length on this model allows you to place the main unit on the floor and clean up nearby carpets without having to constantly move it, though more movement will be needed when cleaning stairs. Also included is a handheld cleaning tool with three rows of small brushes that makes it perfect for quick cleanup jobs such as upholstery, car seats or stairwells due to its compact size!

If you’re trying to decide if the Bissell Little Green is worth your money, then it all depends on what tasks you intend to use it for. If spot cleaning and quick mess-ups are your main concern, this carpet cleaner serves as a great choice since its compact size makes storage convenient and easy. Plus, there’s no wait time—it arrives ready for use! Additionally, because of its low price tag compared to other upright cleaners in the market today, this product becomes even more appealing when considering cost effectiveness. All in all though? It really does accomplish those emergency clean up duties with flying colors!

The Bissell Emergency Spot Cleaner is built similarly to the Little Green, with a motor unit and attachment holder at its center and paired clean/dirty water tanks on both sides. While they are more or less the same size, the weight of this model clocks in at 3.9kg; slightly lower than that of its predecessor. And while it may cost £30 more than that of the Little Green before discounts, you’re sure to get your money’s worth – but what exactly will you be getting?

Not only can you fill the Spot Cleaner with hot water and cleaning solution, but you can also add Bissell Oxygen Boost for tougher spots. But what sets this machine apart is its Heatwave Technology, allowing the cleaning water to stay warm at all times – further enhancing your stain-removing efforts!

The Emergency Spot Cleaner is perfect for any unexpected mess, with a 1.1 litre water tank capacity that is just slightly smaller than the Little Green model. It’s cleaning head features three rows of small brushes similar to Little Green and its hose extends an additional 0.5 metres in length compared to its counterpart. For spotless results when you need them most, turn to the dependable Spot Cleaner!

We strongly suggest choosing the Emergency Spot Cleaner instead of the Little Green due to its modern design, integrated heating system and convenient use of Bissell’s Oxygen Boost formula. Additionally, when discounted, the cost difference between both machines is often negligible; with this in mind it makes sense to select this superior cleaning device whenever possible!

If you’re looking for a portable carpet cleaner that offers top-of-the-line power and performance, look no further than Bissell Lift Off. This 2-in1 appliance is perfect when space is limited as it can be used in both upright form or detached into its compact version. The detachable design grants the benefit of portability despite sacrificing some with regards to storage convenience compared to other handheld cleaners; however, it still provides full power functions!

The Lift Off, a top-notch carpet cleaner packed with features. Boasting two rows of rotating brushes that penetrate deep into the fibers for maximum cleaning power and 2.5L capacity clean/dirty water tanks, this unit is superior to most! In addition, an on board heater keeps the solution at optimal temperature while removing dirt and stains; alternatively it can be deactivated for use on more delicate carpets or rugs.

The 1.5m hose length is the same as other Bissell portable carpet washers, so while perfect for stairs, you will need to lift and carry the Lift Off unit when using it. Attaching this tool onto your hose gives you a hand device with three rows of brushes – making cleaning easier than ever!

This model boasts Bissell’s renowned Microban anti-bacterial filter technology that can ward off bacteria growth and rid of smelly odors, which isn’t available in any other portable carpet cleaner. Powered by 800 to 1000 watts, this machine isn’t the most powerful on the market; however, you are sacrificing power for its 2-in-1 capabilities.

For anyone searching for an upright carpet cleaner that also offers the convenience of a portable unit, the Bissell Lift Off is worth considering. With its retail price at £400, it can often be found discounted and become a viable option financially.