Bissell Spot Clean Pet – #1 Choice of Pet Owners

Keeping pet stains and odors under control is often a challenge for pet owners. The Bissell Spot Clean Pet can make it easier to keep your home looking and smelling fresh.

This powerful deep cleaning machine provides professional-grade results, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smells or messes again.

Introduction To Bissell Spot Clean Pet

Powerful Spot Cleaning

Are you looking for a powerful but easy-to-use spot cleaner that can remove pet stains from carpets and upholstery?

The Bissell SpotClean Pet is a cutting-edge carpet and fabric cleaning machine.

Perfect for homes with pets, this unit is designed to tackle tough messes on any type of soft surface in your home.

The Bissell SpotClean Pet utilizes two cleaning methods—deep scrubbing action plus strong suction—to penetrate deep into fibers and lift away dirt, hair, and stain particles without leaving behind sticky residue or any damage at all.

It combines unmatched spray-cleaning power with powerful suction technology. So users get maximum performance even when tackling set-in stains. This is while being gentle enough not to harm delicate fabrics like silk rugs or expensive furniture!

Beyond its excellent power capabilities, the Bissell SpotClean Pet also offers ease of use thanks to several additional features.

It includes auto-mix settings that make it fast and simple to select just the right amount of water and solution needed. There’s a top-fill tank design that makes refilling quick and mess-free, and a flexible hose to easily reach tight spots.

Its 5-foot-long cord provides plenty of room for maneuvering around the house. While its built-in handle allows you to use it without straining yourself or bending down too much.

Features Of Bissell Spot Clean Pet

The Bissell Spot Clean Pet is a powerful tool for any pet owner who needs to tackle light or tough pet messes.

This compact carpet cleaner, which weighs only 11 pounds, cleans all types of carpets and upholstery with ease.

It even works in hard-to-reach areas like stairs and other tight spaces.

This machine has impressive suction power that doesn’t just remove spills. It also lifts dirt deep within the fibers of your carpets and furniture!

Not only is this spot cleaner effective, but it’s also easy to use. Simply fill the tank with warm water and detergent solution. Then press one button to release the cleaning formula onto your stained surfaces.

The brush rolls loosen embedded soils, while two separate tanks help keep dirty liquid away from clean solutions. With this, you always have fresh water ready when needed.

Bissell’s advanced pet hair management system allows you to quickly tackle stubborn pet odors in no time at all by using special odor eliminators as well as an antimicrobial protection guard that reduces bacteria growth between uses, effectively keeping bad smells out of your home for good!

Plus its 5 flexible stair hose attachment lets you reach those difficult spots without having to lug around a heavy canister vacuum each time.

Key features:

  • Powerful Suction System: Lifts dirt from deep within individual fibers
  • Easy To Use: Fill tank with water & detergent solution then press a single button
  • Odor Fighting Technology: Advanced system fights off smells caused by pets
  • Stair Hose Attachment: Easily reaches tricky obstacles where vacuums may struggle
  • Antimicrobial Protection Guard: Helps reduce bacteria growth between uses

The features of the Bissell Spot Clean Pet make it an ideal choice for pet owners who need to tackle light or tough pet messes. This compact carpet cleaner is easy to use and has impressive suction power that lifts dirt deep within the fibers of your carpets and furniture.

Plus, its advanced pet hair management system and odor fighting technology help keep bad smells out of your home for good.

The flexible stair hose attachment also lets you reach those difficult spots without having to lug around a heavy canister vacuum each time.

Pros And Cons Of Bissell Spot Clean Pet

Lightweight and Highly-Efficient

The Bissell Spot Clean Pet is a highly effective portable carpet cleaner that you can use to remove pet stains and odors quickly.

It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to move around the house or transport when needed.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this spot cleaner:

The Bissell Spot Clean Pet has many benefits that make it a great choice for pet owners.


  • Deep clean technology removes messes effectively without scrubbing
  • Powerful suction leaves carpets fresh in minimal times
  • Large capacity tank allows for uninterrupted operation
  • Edge Sweeping Brush cleans all corners


  • Could struggle getting replacement components parts

Overall, the benefits of Bissell Spot Clean Pet make it a great choice for pet owners looking for a powerful and efficient spot cleaner.

However, it is important to note that finding replacement parts for components could be difficult, and depending on how much maintenance or regular upkeep is required, additional costs may arise.

How To Use The Bissell Spot Clean Pet

Preparing the Surface

Using a Bissell Spot Clean Pet is quite easy.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you get the most out of your pet cleaner:

Before using your Bissell spot cleaner, make sure to vacuum or bring up any embedded dirt and debris from the area where you plan to use it.

This makes it easier for the machine to do its job more efficiently by targeting only spots and stains instead of cleaning an entire section at once.

Additionally, it ensures that no additional mess is made while in use.

Filling with Water & Solution

Fill both of the top tanks with plain tap water mixed with detergent or stain remover such as Bissell’s Pet Stain & Odor Remover formula.

Always consult instructions if uncertain which tank should be filled first. Normally, there is an arrow printed on each indicating which way they should go!

Selecting Cleaning Mode & Power Level Settings

Select cleaning mode and power level settings accordingly, depending on the type of fabric or material being cleaned or the severity of the stain or spot needing attention.

Again, refer to the product manual before selecting the setting combination best suited for the job at hand. Sometimes adjusting speed can change results too. So secondary passes might sometimes be necessary after the initial round. After that, drain the waste through nozzle(s) or hose attachments.

  • Take time beforehand to prepare surfaces ahead properly before starting routine cleanup sessions whenever possible thereafter going forward proactively
  • Connect the hose nozzle firmly before you start cleaning.
  • Settings vary depending on the model. Ensure you read the manual for recommended settings for the type of fabrics/textiles you plan to clean.
  • Vacuum mode is the preferable method for eliminating huge amounts of loose particles.
  • Immediately have damaged pieces repaired. Otherwise, it may disrupt the cleaning process. Even if its a small area, it could grow bigger over time which can have higher repair cost.

Learning how to use a Bissell Spot Clean Pet is easy and can help you get the most out of your pet cleaner.

By following these simple steps and understanding how to use Bissell Spot Clean Pet, you can ensure that your pet cleaner is used efficiently and effectively.

By taking the time to prepare surfaces properly, establishing proper connections between hose nozzle attachments, selecting the right settings for the job, and vacuuming to remove loose particles, you can ensure that you are using your Bissell Spot Clean Pet correctly and efficiently.

Tips For Maintaining Your Bissell Spot Clean Pet

When it comes to taking care of your Bissell Spot Clean Pet, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make sure it’s always in tip-top shape.

  • Empty Water Tanks After Use
  • Clean Brush Rollers Regularly
  • Check Hoses For Leaks
  • Vacuum Between Deep Cleans As Needed
  • Take Precautions Like Using Dehumidifiers Nearby

First, after each use, be sure to empty the water tanks before moving on with any other cleaning tasks.

This will keep them from getting too full and spilling onto your floor or furniture.

Second, regularly clean the brush rollers by removing hair from them using scissors or something similar so they don’t become clogged with debris over time.

Thirdly, check all hoses for leaks and replace them if necessary, as this can cause damage to both carpets and floors when used improperly or without adequate protection underneath them.

Finally – check parts like filters often throughout its lifetime depending on how much you utilize the machine – at least once per month is recommended since these heavily affect performance in terms of suction power due to lint buildup etc.

One way you can prevent dirt buildup over time is through regular vacuuming, which should be done between deep cleans (as needed).

Make sure not to vacuum too wet spots, however, as if excess water gets stuck inside components, mold may form, leading to costly repairs later down the road!

Additionally, take precautions such as running a dehumidifier near where Bissell Spot Clean Pet sits when not being utilized; this keeps humidity levels low, preventing unwanted moisture accumulation inside vents and pipes, making maintenance much easier!

For outdoor areas that require extra attention, try attaching only appropriate attachments best suited for said surface material during operation while keeping motor speed consistent.

Use slower speeds while working around furniture with less space available, otherwise you risk damaging delicate surfaces while scrubbing or washing action occurs, requiring more effort and exertion than usual, increasing the likelihood of problems arising directly from improper attachment usage, hence potentially requiring professional repair services, combating a situation worse off than initially began, resulting in money loss rather than the desired outcome originally anticipated altogether.

It is crucial to take the required actions to maintain Bissell Spot Clean Pet in order to ensure the best outcome.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Bissell Spot Clean Pet will last for a long time and provide you with the best possible cleaning results.

Conclusion: Is The Bissell Spot Clean Pet Worth It

In conclusion, the Bissell Spot Clean Pet is definitely worth its price.

This compact and powerful handheld cleaner can tackle any mess your pet leaves in a jiffy.

You don’t need to clean up fur or muddy pawprints one by one; just use this handy tool for an effortless cleanup that requires little time and resources.

It’s also great for getting into tight spaces where normal vacuums won’t fit, like furniture crevices, car interiors, stairs, and more!

Best of all, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver while still providing strong suction power, so you get more bang for your buck when taking on bigger jobs.

Remember the following features:

  • Strong suction power despite being lightweight & compact
  • Specialized pet stain formula breaks down organic compounds quickly
  • Deep Reach Technology goes farther through carpet fibers/hardwood floors etc
  • Easy storage & transportation due to carrying handle
  • Durable design stands up against consistent use

For all these features, Bissell Spot Clean Pet is definitely worth its price.

Investing in this nifty little cleaner will save lots of precious energy and valuable minutes when things start going awry indoors!