BISSELL PowerClean Two Tank System

Looking for a carpet cleaner that is powerful yet lightweight and compact enough to make it perfect for your bustling home? Look no further than the BISSELL PowerClean! This 2889E model, available in either titanium or mambo red, features a two-tank system that divides clean and dirty water so you can be sure your carpets will be spotless. With this stylish machine, cleaning has never been easier – say goodbye to dirt and stains!

Customers have been raving about how effective and user-friendly the BISSELL PowerClean is. One customer said that it was much better than their old Vax machine which they regarded as too massive for spills or larger cleaning tasks. The Bissell, on the other hand, is extremely lightweight and simple to use – making it a breeze to eliminate messes quickly!

Customers were astonished by the amount of dirt, hair, and grit that was lifted off their deep pile rug using the BISSELL PowerClean! Even when it didn’t seem to be very dirty. This machine is especially effective on light-colored rugs which are so hard to keep clean with a standard vacuum cleaner.

The BISSELL PowerClean is not only highly efficient at eliminating dirt and stains from your carpeting, but it’s also a breeze to operate. It contains innovative motorized DeepReach PowerBrushes that are designed to remove deep-seated filth from the fibers of carpets without fail. Furthermore, refilling and emptying its tanks couldn’t be simpler – you can always stay certain that clean water won’t mix with dirty ones for spotless results every time!

A customer expressed such delight with their BISSELL PowerClean due to its quiet motor and effortless maneuverability. Not only that, but it also outperformed others in drying time; carpets were touch dry within a few hours! Goodbye soggy carpets that take days to dry – hello fast-drying BISSELL PowerClean!

If you’re looking to keep your carpets clean and fresh, the BISSELL PowerClean is an absolute must-have for households of any size. Not only does it feature a compact and lightweight design, but its powerful cleaning capabilities ensure spotless results every time!