Bissell – Keeping Our Homes Clean for over 140 years!

Bissell is a leader in the vacuum industry and provides powerful solutions to homeowners’ cleaning needs.

Their products offer strong suction, innovative designs, and are made with high-quality materials.

The company has been around for over 140 years. It has established a strong reputation as one of the best brands out there.

History Of The Bissell Carpet Cleaner Company

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Company is a leading manufacturer of carpet cleaning solutions and products that have been helping homeowners keep their carpets looking beautiful since 1876. The company was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by Anna Bissell, the wife of Melville Bissell.

She got her inspiration from her husband’s invention—the Bissel Sweeper, which removed dirt from bare floors using suction power.

Anna saw an opportunity to expand on this idea and created the first carpet sweeper that used rotating brushes to scrub away dirt embedded in carpets with water-based cleansers.

This early model was so successful that it quickly gained popularity among households who wanted an efficient way to deep clean their carpets without resorting to harsh chemicals or manual scrubbing techniques.

In 1893, the company released its first line of steam cleaners followed by electric models one year later; both proved incredibly popular due to their enhanced cleaning capabilities compared to earlier models and set a benchmark for future innovations in home care technology developed by other companies as well as Bissell itself.

As years went on, Bissell adapted new technologies such as “HeatWave” technology (in 2009). HeatWave helps maintain consistent temperature levels throughout each cycle. It delivered better results when dealing with tough stains or deeply entrenched grime. It was a breakthrough at the time. Because it revolutionized how people viewed professional grade equipment for everyday use within homes across America and around the world too!

Today, they offer more than just powerful carpet cleaners. They also have a wide range of products designed to help keep your home clean and healthy, including vacuums, hard floor cleaners, and air purifiers.

Unparalleled Advantages

  • High-quality products designed to last
  • Innovative technologies for better cleaning results
  • Wide range of products to suit all needs

The Bissell Carpet Cleaner Company is a trusted name in the industry and has been helping homeowners keep their carpets looking beautiful for over 140 years.

With their innovative technologies and high-quality products, they are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable way to keep their carpets clean and looking like new.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful steam cleaner or a lightweight vacuum, the Bissell Carpet Cleaner Company has the perfect solution for you.

Their products are designed to last and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. So you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

With the Bissell Carpet Cleaner Company, you can trust that your carpets will be clean and looking like new for years to come.

Melville Reuben Bissell: The Founder

Who is Melville Reuben Bissell?

Melville Reuben Bissell founded the iconic company in 1876 that is today known as BISSELL. He had a single dream: to make hard floor care easier, and he accomplished this goal by inventing the first mechanical carpet sweeper.

At a time when most people still used brooms and dustpans, Melville revolutionized cleaning with his invention of an easy-to-use device that allowed for deeper cleans in less time than ever before.

The concept was simple–small rotating brushes would whisk dirt away into a convenient bin attached to the machine itself; instead of using brooms or their hands, people could now simply sweep up debris at ease with one hand while steering with another!

With this revolutionary creation came increased safety from trips caused by obstacles on floors. As well as better health benefits due to improved air quality from reduced dust particles floating around homes.

At only 23 years old, Melville took out three patents related to home cleaning solutions. It was an impressive effort considering that back then, just getting through the paperwork for new innovations could take many more months or even years.

This period also marked his entry into major domestic markets like Canada, where he opened several stores across four provinces, thereby providing an opportunity for customers everywhere to access high-quality floor care materials manufactured by him!

Popular Bissell Carpet Cleaners

Powerful and Reliable

Bissell is a well-known and trusted name in carpet cleaning.

Over the years, they have produced many popular models that offer superior cleaning performance while being easy to transport and use.

Here we look at some of their most popular products that are sure to keep your carpets looking beautiful for years to come:

The Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine offers top-of-the line features with its powerful motor, deep clean mode and edge sweep tool.

This powerful machine is ideal for larger homes or businesses that require more intensive cleaning than non-professional machines can provide. Thanks to its two large tanks—one for storing clean water and the other for disposing of dirty water. This machine makes sure you always get an effective deep clean without leaving any dirt behind. It has 12 rows of dual rotating brush bars providing extra suction power on both sides of the cleaner head.

Bissell DeepClean Lift Off Deluxe Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 27A3

Looking for something a bit less intense?

The Bissell DeepClean Lift Off Deluxe Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner 27A3 might be just what you need!

It is perfectly suited to pet owners who deal with paw prints all too often. Also, for occasional accidents from little ones or guests. This model is ideal if ease of mobility matters most when choosing your home’s next carpet cleaner.

It works great on stairs too. Thanks to its wide nozzle design, which allows plenty of room around corners. So nothing gets left untouched by those pesky paws!

Furthermore, its lift off technology makes it simple to separate sections.

  • The Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine offers superior cleaning performance and is easy to transport and use.
  • It has two large tanks – one for clean water storage, the other for dirty water disposal.
  • It has 12 rows of dual rotating brush bars providing extra suction power on both sides of the cleaner head.
  • It is perfect for pet owners and those who need easy mobility.
  • It can effortlessly go around obstructions due to the wide nozzle design. This ensures that nothing is missed.
  • It has lift off technology which lets you detach sections easily.

These products of Bissell are sure to keep your carpets looking beautiful for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty machine for larger homes or businesses or something a bit less intense for pet owners, Bissell has you covered. With their superior cleaning performance and easy-to-use features, you can be sure that your carpets will look great for years to come.

How To Find Genuine Spare Parts For A Bissell Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell carpet cleaner is one of the most popular and efficient cleaning tools available.

It’s reliable, dependable, and easy to uses, This makes it the go-to for many households when it comes to keeping their carpets clean.

However, finding genuine spare parts for a Bissell carpet cleaner can be tricky!

Here are some tips on how you can make sure that your replacement parts are both legitimate and compatible with your machine:

  • Start by reading the user manuals to get a better understanding of which models require which replacement parts or components. Additionally, you should read online customer reviews for machines that are similar to yours. You might find out several helpful recommendations.
  • There is typically a wealth of information about spare parts available. Such as prices or return policies in the event that there are any compatibility issues between different model numbers. Check out official websites, like those run by businesses that sell products like Bissell.
  • Pay a visit to merchants that Bissell has approved. Manufacturers select vendors for inclusion in their databases based on a number of factors. This includes their ability to offer discounts on top-name brands and the availability of their items at competitive pricing levels.

Lastly, online forums about cleaning supplies and accessories are very useful to learn a lot about Bisell vacuum cleaning products.


In conclusion, Bissell is undoubtedly the perfect partner for home care.

Not only does it boast a wide range of services designed to ease our daily cleaning tasks, but it also provides its customers with quality products that are built to last and offer powerful results on all types of surfaces.

With their vast selection of innovative items and helpful customer service team at the ready, you’ll be able to tackle any messes you come across in your home—large or small!

Moreover, Bissell doesn’t just stop at basic household needs; they have created an extensive line up focused on pet hair removal that can make even the most stubborn fur disappear from furniture and carpets alike.As if this weren’t enough already – Bissell continues to look for better ways to achieve efficient outcomes by introducing advanced features such as auto-power boost technology which aid in making tough jobs easier than ever before!

Overall, it’s clear why so many people choose BISSELL when looking for reliable appliances that help keep homes clean: they provide exceptional value backed by excellent customer care and industry leading innovation designed especially with users in mind. So whether you need something light-duty like vacuuming or something heavy duty like deep carpet cleaning, rest assured knowing Bissell has got what you need each time without fail!