Bissell Featherweight – Keeps Homes Tidy Fast and Easy!

Bissell Featherweight lightweight vacuums are a great choice for deep cleaning carpets and hard floors, as well as upholstered furniture.

Featuring powerful suction and easy-to-use features, these vacuums make busy homes tidier faster.

From pet hair removal to general debris pick-up, the Bissell Featherweight is the perfect companion for an easier clean.

Introduction To The Bissell Featherweight

A Powerful, Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell Featherweight is a powerful, lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Due to the features that it combines, it is one of the most portable and versatile vacuums on the market.

Its ultra-light design can be used almost anywhere you need to clean, from hardwood floors, carpets, and bare floors to furniture and upholstery, making it ideal for use in any environment or situation.

Thanks to its adjustable suction power settings, you’ll have no trouble adjusting the perfect strength level for whatever surface needs cleaning; whether that’s deep down dirt or fine dust particles.

With two separate accessories too—an extension wand tool for tough-to-reach areas such as stairs or ceilings and a crevice tool so nothing gets left untouched—this Bissell Featherweight vacuum really does cover all bases!

Plus, if pet hair is your biggest fear when it comes down to hoovering, don’t worry because not only has this model been designed with pets in mind but also uses advanced filtration technology. This ensures your air quality remains high while maintaining strong suction power capability at all times.

And despite being super light (weighing just 3 lbs! ), it won’t let you down either. It boasts up to 20 minutes of battery life at full charge!

This means you can get through even larger cleaning jobs without having interruptions due to low batteries again. Perfect, right?

What Makes the Bissell Featherweight Stand Out?

  • Ultra-light design suitable everywhere
  • Stylish look & easy portability
  • Adjustable suction levels
  • Comes with accessories
  • Advanced filtration keeps air quality high

So there we go: That’s what makes the Bissell Featherweight stand out above other similar models available today!

Features Of The Bissell Featherweight

  • Adjustable Handle Length – For Comfort Regardless Height
  • Extra Long Power Cord– No Need To Switch Outlets
  • Consistent Suction Power – Faster Cleaning Without Clogging
  • Crevice Tool Attachment – Perfect For Tight Spaces
  • Multi Layer Filtration System – Reduces Allergies & Asthma Symptoms

The Bissell Featherweight is a petite and affordable vacuum cleaner designed to make everyday cleaning simpler.

Its light-weight build means you can take it around your home or up the stairs with ease.

With its compact design, you won’t have too much trouble storing this little machine away when not in use either.

This lightweight cleaner has several features that make life easier for busy households, such as an adjustable handle length so everyone can feel comfortable using it regardless of height, an extra long cord to help cover all rooms without having to keep switching outlets, and consistent suction power, which helps get dust out faster and stops clogging easily. The crevice tool also makes vacuuming nooks and crannies easy—perfect for getting into tight spaces like underneath furniture or between cushions!

Furthermore, the Bissell Featherweight comes with several attachments. This includes two round brush tools that are both soft bristle roller brush heads ideal for carpets. Plus additional hard floor nozzles that are great at collecting dirt from bare floors like tiles or wood laminates quickly and efficiently!

And perhaps one of its biggest benefits. Its multi-layer filtration system helps trap more fine particles than regular filters do, making sure vented air is always clean and healthy; reducing allergies/asthma symptoms by filtering out pollens, dander, fur, etc.

Benefits Of The Bissell Featherweight

The Bissell Featherweight is a versatile tool for cleaning that can be used in many different ways. Not only does it make light work of vacuuming, but you will also find yourself reaching for this ultra-light vacuum again and again.

Here are some of the benefits of the Bissell Featherweight that can help with your everyday chores:

  • Quickly tidies up pet hair effortlessly
  • Cordless mode provides flexible usage options
  • Rechargeable battery saves money & waste
  • Changeable style plates offer a personal touch
  • Long ergonomic handle ensures thorough cleanliness

One use that may surprise you is its ability to clean up pet hair quickly and easily. Its long ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach difficult corners when trying to tackle pet fur on furniture or in tight crevices.

Plus, its lightweight design means you won’t strain whilst using it – great if those pesky hairs get everywhere!

Another handy feature of the Featherweight is its cordless setting. This is perfect if there isn’t an electric socket nearby or if you need extra maneuverability during spot cleanings around the house.

The battery life lasts long enough. You can make sure that no area goes untouched. Plus, its rechargeable batteries mean no wasteful throwing away once drained completely (or even just partially).

Finally, one charming bonus feature offered by Bissell’s Featherweight Vacuum Cleaner model (and others like it) allows users to keep their unit looking chic at all times; changeable style plates come with various designs! Pick from classic herringbone stripes forming blue check checks and pink houndstooth—whatever takes your fancy; customize as often as desired!

Power And Performance Of The Bissell Featherweight

The Bissell Featherweight packs a powerful punch despite its diminutive size. This vacuum puts out exceptional suction power and can handle tough ground-in dirt and dust with ease.

The power is delivered through the motorized brush roll, which spins rapidly to lift debris from your floors—carpets, hardwood, or otherwise—for an efficient clean every time.

On top of that, the multi-surface brush head allows you to quickly transition between different floor types without stopping to switch any settings on the machine itself.

In addition to powerful suction performance, this lightweight vacuum also offers great maneuverability around corners thanks to its swiveling nozzle design as well as a folding handle that makes it easy to store away in tight spaces when not in use. Weighing only 3 pounds, this corded hand vac is incredibly portable too, so you can take it anywhere inside your home or car with minimal effort and strain on your muscles!

Finally, be sure not to forget about the 15-foot-long extension wand included with every purchase of the Bissell Featherweight Vacuum Cleaner. This allows you to easily reach up high shelves and ceilings without ever having to use unstable ladders again!

It’s clear why this product has become one of the most popular vacuums among consumers today. It offers a reliable performance combined with unbeatable convenience at an affordable price point. Its perfect for anyone seeking quick yet thorough cleaning solutions around their home.

Safety Features Of The Bissell Featherweight

A lightweight, simple-to-use vacuum cleaner that keeps you safe while cleaning is the Bissell Featherweight.

In addition to being UL listed and Child Safe certified, the product features several innovative technologies designed to keep you safe as you clean.

First of all, this vacuum is equipped with Automatic Shutoff Technology, which senses when the device has been in use for too long or becomes clogged; either one causes it to immediately turn off. This prevents overworking the motor and potentially damaging your home due to an electrical overload at the plug point.

Furthermore, there are four system-built dynamic filters that capture dust particles before they enter circulation in your house, thereby not only protecting you from allergies but also helping maintain indoor air quality. Another safety feature found in this appliance is its automatic weight sensing technology, which results in increased suction power as soon as feet hit a thicker pile carpet!

Lastly, but most importantly, Bissell offers a free 2-year warranty on parts and labor. You can be sure there will be no additional cost for repair work. If something fails during the usage period within two years of the purchase date! You’d have peace of mind knowing that any issues caused by malfunctions or breakdowns will be taken care of by Bisell itself!


The Bissell Featherweight is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight, portable vacuum that can provide powerful suction in small spaces.

It has a variety of attachments for vacuuming fabrics and upholstery and is simple to maneuver.

Its advanced filter technology helps capture allergens like pet dander, while its low-profile nozzle allows it to fit under furniture pieces easily.

This all makes the Bissell Featherweight ideal for quick cleaning jobs around the house without having to lug around larger, bulkier machines.

  • Portable & Cordless Design – Easily Move From Room To Room Without Hassle
  • Light Weight & Low Profile Nozzle Makes Cleaning Tight Corners And Hard To Reach Areas Easy
  • Versatile Attachments Give You More Options When Vacuuming Upholstery Or Car Interiors
  • Advanced Filter Technology Traps Allergens Like Pet Dander For Better Air Quality In Your Home
  • Antistatic Bristles Keeps Floors Cleaner As Dust Is Trapped During Use

In conclusion, those looking for a portable, lightweight vacuum that can deliver strong suction in tight spaces should strongly consider the Bissell Featherweight.

The Bissell Featherweight is the perfect solution for those looking for a lightweight, portable vacuum.