Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional – Pet-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

A multi-surface cleaner and vacuum, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional eases the hassle of housecleaning.

It quickly and efficiently cleans sealed hardwood floors, pet messes on rugs or carpets, as well as refreshing them with its powerful enzyme formula.

This review will discuss how this device can make all your floor cleaning needs easier.

Introduction To The Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional

All-in-One Cleaning Solution

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional is a premium vacuum and washer designed to make pet clean up fast, easy, and efficient.

This revolutionary cleaning system vacuums and washes at the same time, making it an all-in-one solution.

Its Dual Action Power Brush Roll Technology deep cleans both sealed hard floors and area rugs.

An advanced multisurface formula removes tough stains from food or mud while lifting dirt deep into carpets.

Make pet clean-up fast and easy with the Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional.

Plus, its lightweight design and 25-foot cord length make it convenient for larger projects like furniture removal or multiple room cleanings without changing outlets.

It also includes two specialized brushes. One for gentle scrubbing of hardwood floors and another ideal for delicate fabrics such as sisal mats around entryways.

    Features Of The Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional

    Cleans Pet Messes Fast and Easy!

    The Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional is packed with features that make cleaning pet messes a breeze.

    It has two powerful brush rolls: one for hard floors and another designed specifically to scrub up pet hair and debris from carpets.

    This machine quickly sucks up messes without leaving wet spots or spreading dirt around the room. Plus an integrated vacuum cleaner removes all traces of fur, food crumbs, kitty litter, and other ‘petistics’.

    The Multi-Surface Formula Tank lets you switch between bare floor or carpet cleansing modes in seconds using special liquid detergents formulated to tackle spills or stains.

    You can clean wood floors safely as it uses solutions developed for sealed surfaces like corkboard, laminate, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

    Its dusting brush effortlessly removes stubborn debris that are deeply ingrained in carpets and leaves a spotless finish.

    Here are some of the features of Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional:

    • 2 powerful brush rolls: One optimized for hard flooring & another perfect on carpets
    • Integrated vacuum cleaner makes picking up after pets easy & fast
    • Multi Surface formula tank allows switching between bare floor/carpet mode
    • Fully adjustable settings accommodate different types of home furnishings
    • Safely cleans sealed surfaces such as LVT & cork board with specially formulated liquids
    • Dustpan attachment reaches difficult spots usually missed by traditional brooms

    The features of the Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional make it the perfect tool for keeping your home clean and pet-friendly!

    Benefits of Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional

    Cordless And Dual Action Multi Surface Cleaning

    The Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional is the perfect choice for pet owners who need a cordless, dual-action multisurface cleaning solution.

    It features two brush rolls powered by an impressive 25-volt motor, allowing you to clean both hard floors and rugs with ease.. This means no manual switching of brushes is required!

    Plus, its unique suction technology quickly sucks up any excess water or dirt from the floor leaving surfaces dry after just one swipe.

    To reduce odors in your home, it also has an aromatherapy tank where you can place essential oils to create pleasant scents while vacuuming as well as cleanse air particles during use on carpets.

    Additionally, this model is designed with swivel steering abilities. So maneuvering around furniture becomes effortless regardless of what type of floor you’re cleaning!

    It offers many benefits, including:

    • Quickly removes tough messes like pet hair & mud stains – saving time & energy
    • Flexible settings tailored specifically towards different materials
    • Unique suction keeps surfaces dry after 1 swift sweep reducing drying times significantly
    • Aromatherapy tank creates invigorating scents throughout house offering fresher odor than conventional vacuum cleaners
    • Swivel steering makes navigating furniture easy

    The Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional is the perfect choice for pet owners who need a cordless, dual-action multi-surface cleaning solution.

    Ergonomic Design: Flexible Hose For Hard To Reach Areas

    The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro offers an 8-foot-long hose with a 180-degree swivel connectivity joint for maximum efficiency.

    Long-term use is made comfortable by its ergonomic grip handle. And its flexible design eliminates the need to move furniture or be concerned about awkward angles and cramped spaces.

    The extra length also allows you to tackle pet hair on stairs without stretching dangerously across them. When finished, simply rewind the cord via its rewind feature system at the touch of a button!

    This special design ensures comfort and ease in even small corners.

    Its unique features include an ergonomic grip handle that minimizes strain during longer tasks. There’s also a retractable reel function that winds up excess cord quickly and safely for storage purposes.

    How to Use Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional

    The intuitive touch control panel and sizable LED display on the Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional are both nice features.

    It’s easy to use: press one button to switch between wet and dry cleaning functions, depending on the surface you’re working on.

    Choose from two speeds: high-performance mode for intensive cleanups or low-speed mode for lighter tasks.

    The screen shows floor types, suction power levels, and more so that no matter what mess is in your home—pet hair, dirt particles, or mud—it can be removed quickly and efficiently.

    Learn how to use Bissell Crosswave Pet Professional for efficient cleaning.

    Plus, there’s an automatic shutoff feature that prevents accidental changes while in use, as well as a convenient cord wrap storage system that keeps cables safe during storage.

    Conclusion for Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional

    The Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional is a great investment for pet owners.

    It quickly and effectively removes stubborn fur from carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces, reducing cleaning time significantly.

    It offers superior cleaning performance, intuitive controls, and a specialized pet upholstery tool.

    Plus, its multi-surface brush roll system lets you switch between different floor types without changing settings or attachments.

    In conclusion, the Bissell CrossWave Pet Professional is an essential tool for all fur parents to keep their home clean and pet-friendly all the time!