Bissell Cross Wave – Clean Carpets & Clean Air

Bissell Cross Wave is a powerful and versatile cleaner that makes cleaning carpets, hard floors, and upholstery easier than ever before.

This ground-breaking item offers all-in-one motorized cleaning technology to easily and quickly clean up both wet and dry messes throughout the house.

Designed for busy households, it delivers an unbeatable clean in less time, so you can get on with other important tasks.

Introduction To The Bissell Cross Wave: Understanding Its Features & Benefits

Revolutionary Cleaning with the Bissell Cross Wave

The Bissell Cross Wave is a revolutionary floor-cleaning machine designed to make cleaning and maintaining your floors quick, easy, and hassle-free.

It offers the combined power of both a vacuum cleaner and mop in one convenient tool, cutting down not only on time but also eliminating the need for multiple machines that clutter up valuable storage space around the home.

But just what features does this clever little device offer?

Let’s take a look at all it can do.

First off, let’s discuss its powerful suction capabilities.

The Bissell Cross Wave has an impressive motorized brush roll capable of tackling any dirt or debris on even hardwood flooring surfaces.

Additionally, it comes equipped with dual tanks, which allow you to simultaneously apply liquid solution while vacuuming away dirt with ease, facilitating both deep cleans as well as regular maintenance cleaning routines in no time flat!

As if those two qualities weren’t enough already, it also boasts exclusive Multi Surface Technology allowing users to switch between hard surface floors such as tile or laminate easily; plus its ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use throughout extended periods of usage too!

Lastly, our favorite feature (and probably yours too!) is its impressively long 25-foot cord, which gives you plenty of reach across even larger rooms without having to periodically move your cleaning arsenal farther along—perfect if you’re stuck doing housework under normal circumstances where we don’t have access to cleaners regularly like before COVID-19 times.

Features of the Bissell Cross Wave

The Bissell Cross Wave is the perfect tool for anyone looking to make their cleaning routine easier and more efficient.

With its powerful suction, dual tanks, multi-surface technology, ergonomic handle, and long cord, it’s no wonder why the Bissell Cross Wave is the go-to choice for many households!

Features of the Bissell Cross Wave:

  • Suction power suitable for wood & other hard surfaces
  • Washes Away Dirt Leaving Behind Residue-Free Finish On Hard Surfaces
  • Versatile multi-surface technology takes care every type flooring without needing extra tools
  • Dual tanks enable simultaneous vacuuming & polishing
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use during longer tasks
  • Impressive 26 ft cord helps cover large areas less trips plugging/unplugging
  • No Need For Post Rinse After Use

What really sets the Bissell Cross Wave apart from other machines is its ability to wash away any dirt while leaving behind a residue-free finish on hard surfaces like wood laminate or tile.

Its special scrub bar helps dislodge tough stains so they can be wiped away easily with no extra effort needed from you!

Plus, the three speeds allow users to adjust how much power goes into their cleaning sessions depending upon what type of surface needs attention: low speed for gentle cleaning and high speed for deep-down grime removal.

Time Saving Features of the Bissell Cross Wave:

When using cleaners in conjunction with the Bissell Cross Wave, consumers don’t need to rinse off afterwards since there’s rarely ever any soap left over after use—another time-saving feature when compared to traditional mops and buckets!

This method also ensures that all moisture gets sucked up before evaporating too fast, which could lead to potential staining situations if not done properly.

Multi Surface Cleaning Capabilities Of The Bissell Cross Wave

The Bissell Cross Wave has some impressive multi-surface cleaning capabilities that make it a great choice for pet owners and those who have multiple types of flooring in their home.

It is able to gently yet effectively clean both hard floors and area rugs, meaning you only need one product for all your surfaces!

The unique brush roll combination on the Bissell Cross Wave allows it to pick up both small debris particles and larger messes, such as pet hair.

Plus, its tank can be used with either water or cleaner solutions—it doesn’t matter whether your floors are made of ceramic tile or hardwood; this machine will get them sparkling clean!

And because it works so quickly and efficiently, you won’t be spending hours mopping every week; just a few minutes each day should leave them looking spotless.

A Closer Look At The Versatility Of Bissell Cross Wave Features

Benefits of Bissell Cross Wave

The Bissell Cross Wave offers versatility that makes it stand out from its competitors.

It’s designed to make quick work of cleaning hardwood floors, area rugs, tile, and linoleum—all without changing any settings or tools.

Plus, it rapidly vacuums and washes at the same time for a convenient all-in-one job.

Every home is different in size and layout, but no matter your unique needs, this versatile cleaning machine takes care of them with ease!

Its 13 separate height settings provide effective suction on varied floor surfaces, meaning you don’t need multiple machines or attachments.

The slim design allows you to reach tight corners while still providing a powerful clean up on every surface type imaginable—even pet hair quickly disappears, so there’s no more troublesome fur balls clinging to couches either!

And if tackling large messes seems daunting, fear not; thanks to its 22-foot power cord, it can reach far beyond what most other models can do in one go.

The benefits of the Bissell Cross Wave are clear: a powerful vacuum paired with a refreshing wash cycle cleans hardwoods and carpets simultaneously.

Aside from being independent when switching between rug and floor settings, this device also provides two tank features that separate clean water from dirty mop solution, giving users complete control over their cleaning routine as well as preventing cross-contamination throughout the house. Never worry about making mistakes again!

Different Modes & Settings For Your Bissell Cross Wave Cleaning Needs

The Bissell Cross Wave is an all-in-one cleaning machine that can tackle a variety of surfaces and messes. Let’s take a look at some of the different modes and settings designed to make your life easier while giving you the cleanest, freshest results possible.

For carpeted areas, there are two main mode settings: dry or wet suctioning. Wet cleaning means that water and detergent are sprayed onto carpets before being sucked up into the vacuum chamber for excellent deep-down dirt removal!

Dry suctioning is great for spot treatments rather than full room cleans since it lacks any additional liquid spray but still moves unwanted debris from high traffic zones quickly and easily.

Hard surface floors benefit from both brushroll modes. Scrubbing and finishing/polishing pads, as well as variable steam levels depending on what type of floor surface you’re tackling!

The daily broom sweeping function is perfect for light spills like crumbs or pet hair. It doesn’t require any additional liquid solutions. Stuck-on food debris may need more powerful steaming action. You can choose a higher-end steam level to really get those grimy kitchen tiles gleaming again!

It is an incredibly versatile machine that can help you tackle any mess, no matter how big or small. With its multiple settings and modes, you can easily customize your cleaning experience to get the best results possible.

Whether you’re looking for a deep clean on carpets or a quick sweep on hard surfaces, the Bissell Cross Wave has you covered.

The Allergy Friendly Design Of The Bissell Cross Wave Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell Cross Wave vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers who want a better quality of life at home.

The machine features an allergy-friendly design to ensure your safety and comfort.

The first way that the Bissell Cross Wave helps minimize allergies is through its filtration system.

It uses two layers of high-performance HEPA filters, which trap 99% of airborne allergens, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and other common triggers from circulating in the air around you.

The second layer ensures small particles are trapped before escaping into the environment. You can breathe easier knowing no more unwanted irritants will be released into your home’s atmosphere.

In addition to its powerful filtering capabilities, this feature packed appliance also specializes in deep cleaning carpets and hard floors with minimal effort on your part using SmartCleanTM technology which has been proven over time to give superior results compared to competing models on various surfaces tested – including pet hair removal!

This innovative technology allows suction power levels to be customized depending on the type of surface being cleaned. There’s no aggressive scrubbing that damages delicate materials such as hardwood or laminate flooring while still delivering exceptional results. It guarantees satisfaction every time and promises the user a top-notch experience all the time!

For even greater peace of mind, the Bissell Cross Wave has an incredibly low emissions rate. It produces less than 0.2 percent of total volatile organic compounds. This technology makes it safe for those suffering from allergies or asthma-related conditions.

This helps create a livable indoor environment for a health conscious household looking for a great solution issue overall without sacrificing performance.

Benefits of the Bissell Cross Wave

The Bissell Cross Wave vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers who want a better quality of life at home. With its powerful HEPA filters and SmartCleanTM technology, it is the ideal solution for troubleshooting allergies and asthma-related conditions.

  • HEPA filter traps 99% airborne allergens
  • Suction power level customizable depending on surface type
  • SmartClean Technology gives superior cleaning results
  • Low emission rate produces less than .02 percent total VOCs
  • Hypoallergenic utopia for a health conscious household

The Bissell Cross Wave offers superior cleaning results, customizable suction power levels, and low emission rates, making it the perfect choice for a health-conscious household.

With it, you can achieve a hypoallergenic utopia inside your four walls with minimal effort and fuss.

Get the Bissell Cross Wave today and start troubleshooting your allergies and asthma-related conditions.

Unlock More Options With Accessories Designed For Your Bissell Cross Wave

For even more cleaning power and convenience, there are a range of aftermarket accessories designed to work with the Bissell Cross Wave.

While some attachments come packaged in the box when you buy your machine, others may be purchased separately.

Here is an overview of what’s available:

TurboPro Handheld Brush Attachment

The TurboPro Handheld Brush Attachment is perfect for tough stains or high-traffic areas like stairs and upholstery furniture.

This attachment allows you to precisely direct water and detergent to specific areas without accidentally spraying it elsewhere.

That makes your job much easier, plus it keeps your house cleaner!

Features of the Bissell Cross Wave include the TurboPro Handheld Brush Attachment, perfect for tough stains or high traffic areas.

Microfiber Hard Floor Mop Pad

A microfiber hard floor mop pad helps keep hardwood surfaces sparkling clean.

This pad removes dirt quickly that regular vacuums leave behind. So no matter how often you mop floors or vacuum carpets, this accessory guarantees a top-notch finish every time!

The Bissell Cross Wave also features a Microfiber Hard Floor Mop Pad, perfect for keeping hardwood surfaces looking sparkling clean.

Multi-Surface Cleaning Solution

Another useful add-on for your Bissell Cross Wave is a multi-surface cleaning solution. It is specifically made for use with wood floors and area rugs that are too delicate for harsh chemicals or steam cleaners.

It not only cleans but also polishes, leaving a long-lasting shine on all kinds of surfaces.

True love at first sight!

The Bissell Cross Wave also features a Multi-Surface Cleaning Solution, perfect for use with wood floors and area rugs too delicate for harsh chemicals or steam cleaners.

Additional Scrub Brush Heads

To make sure each chore gets done perfectly from start to finish, consider investing in one (or several!) additional scrub brush heads. You can easily attach them to the roller bar on the machine itself and go on with your cleaning tasks.

Bissell also has specialty products. This includes stain remover sprays solely created to remove any stubborn set-in messes fast!

  • Unlock more options with specially designed accessories like TurboPro Handheld Brush Attachment & Microfiber Hard Floor Mop Pad
  • Multi Surface Cleaning Solutions offer polish & assurance against damage coming through using harsh chemicals
  • Scrub brush will make small jobs easier quickly
  • Stain Removers sprays remove set-in messes faster than ever before
  • Specialty Products tailor around eliminating specific troubleshooting needs

For even more cleaning power and convenience, there are a range of aftermarket accessories designed to work with it.

With these features, the Bissell Cross Wave is the perfect choice for all your cleaning needs.


To conclude, the Bissell Cross Wave is an effective and versatile vacuum cleaner with a host of features. It’s also one of the most affordably-priced models on the market. It makes sense to invest in this time-saving machine. Or give it as a gift to someone who needs help cleaning their floors.

It has a lightweight design and easy to use. This makes it ideal for people suffering from back pain or limited mobility.

Lastly, the powerful suction ensures that dirt won’t get stuck between fibers and carpets are easily swept clean.

Here are five main points about Bissell Cross Wave:

  • Lightweight design perfect for users with physical limitations
  • Easy to operate – no need for expensive training sessions
  • Extremely affordable compared to other models
  • Powerful suction removes embedded dirt particles between fibers
  • Conveniently transitions from floor to carpet without disruption

The Bissell Cross Wave is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable vacuum cleaner. With its powerful suction and lightweight design, it is perfect for those with physical limitations or limited mobility.

Furthermore, its ease of use and affordability make it a great gift for anyone who needs help cleaning their floors.

In conclusion, the Bissell Cross Wave is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and affordable vacuum cleaner.