Bissell CleanView Vacuum – Fast & Reliable Made For Every Home

The Bissell CleanView Vacuum is an ideal cleaning solution for anyone looking to save time and effort while still getting the job done right.

The vacuum’s strong suction, which uses OnePass technology, removes dirt and debris from carpets and upholstery in a single pass, saving you hours of tiresome scrubbing.

Introduction To The Bissell CleanView Vacuum

Powerful, Lightweight, and Cutting-edge Technology

The Bissell CleanView Vacuum is a powerful yet lightweight option for vacuuming your home.

Compared to traditional vacuums, its patented OnePass Technology quickly cleans carpets and hard surfaces using an effective brush roller design and strong suction.

It is simple to maneuver around furniture and stairs because it weighs only 15 pounds.

Additionally, its cutting-edge multi-cyclone filtration system locks dust particles away while preserving efficiency levels even when filled with debris, leading to fewer blockages and less subsequent emptying.

An integrated handle attachment also extends reach high into ceilings or tight spots under couches or beds.

The vacuum includes a Turbobrush tool for deep cleans too!

The Bissell CleanView Vacuum is the perfect choice for your home.

  • Patented OnePass Technology for efficient cleaning
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Advanced multi-cyclone filtration system
  • Integrated handle attachment for extended reach
  • Turbobrush tool for deep cleans

This powerful vacuum makes it simple to clean your home thanks to its patented OnePass Technology, lightweight design, cutting-edge multi-cyclone filtration system, integrated handle attachment, and Turbobrush tool.

Features Of Bissell CleanView Vacuum

The Bissell CleanView Vacuum is a robust and adaptable cleaning tool with a wide array of features.

Its patented cyclonic suction technology ensures maximum power, so dirt, pet hair, dust, and other particles don’t stand a chance!

The slender design allows you to reach all areas in your home without breaking a sweat – even hard-to-reach places like under furniture or within tight spaces.

For better indoor air quality, the multi-level filtration system captures more minute particles than ever before while lowering airborne allergens.

An intuitive brush control system lets you switch between different surfaces with ease – carpets need special treatment?

No problem!

The vacuum will automatically adjust itself accordingly for optimal performance each time you change surface type.

  • Patented cyclonic suction technology
  • Slender design for hard-to-reach places
  • Multi-level filtration for improved air quality
  • Intuitive brush control system
  • No assembly required

And there’s no assembly required; just place it upright wherever needed and start cleaning immediately!

The features of Bissell CleanView Vacuum make it one of the best vacuums on the market.

With its powerful suction, intuitive brush control system, and multi-level filtration, you can be sure that your home will be spotless in no time!

Design And Functionality Of Bissell CleanView Vacuum

Powerful Cleaning Performance

The Bissell CleanView Vacuum is a powerful, lightweight, and versatile machine.

Its rotating brush roll cleans carpets more effectively than traditional vacuums.

After each use, the dirt cup makes it simple to empty it, and Cyclonic Technology ensures maximum suction for an effective clean.

It also has multi-surface capabilities so you can tackle spills on the kitchen floor or pet hair in the living area with ease.

Edge Reach technology lets users quickly reach tight spots without pushing furniture out of the way, and its ergonomic handle reduces strain when carrying up stairs or moving around corners – perfect for homes of any size!

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful cleaning performance
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Cyclonic Technology for maximum suction
  • Multi-surface capabilities
  • Edge Reach technology
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Budget friendly price point

Plus, it comes with several accessories like crevice tools to access narrow spaces where dust hides away from human eyesight.

The benefits of Bissell CleanView Vacuum are clear – no wonder why experts consider this vacuum one of their top picks year after year!

Pros And Cons Of Using A Bissell CleanView Vacuum

The Bissell CleanView Vacuum offers powerful suction power, a HEPA filter to capture dust mites and allergens, and a lightweight design for easy maneuverability.

It also has specialized tools like an upholstery tool or motorized turbo brush.


  • Powerful suction power
  • HEPA filter to capture dust mites and allergens
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
  • Upholstery tool
  • Motorized turbo brush


However, it may be too expensive for some budgets.

Small objects can become lodged in the pipes if not handled with care.

Additionally, its noise levels are higher than most modern vacuums, and it weighs 11 pounds, which could make carrying it upstairs difficult.

Learning about its pros and cons allows you to make a smart decision when purchasing a Bissell CleanView Vacuum.

Best Use Cases For A Bissell CleanView Vacuum

If you’re looking for a vacuum that’s both adaptable and reasonably priced, the Bissell CleanView vacuum is a great option.

It has strong suction to remove stubborn dirt, as well as a detachable brush roll for quick pet hair removal.

Additionally, due to its lightweight construction, it is easy to maneuver around stairs and tight corners.

  • Optional turbo brushing/switchable head facilitates efficient pet hair removal
  • Swivel steering enables effortless navigation when cleaning furniture
  • Dust cup prevents clogs and increases portability

This model can be set up around stairs or other tight spaces where traditional vacuums may find it difficult to fit due to their size and shape limitations because it can be used on carpets, area rugs, hardwood floors, and more.

Get spotless results with this all-in-one solution!

How to Use Bissell CleanView Vacuum

  • Attach the removable brush roll for pet hair removal
  • Switch on the optional turbo brushing head for efficient pet hair removal
  • Use the swivel steering to navigate around furniture
  • Vacuum carpets, area rugs, hardwood floors and more
  • Empty the dust cup to prevent clogs

The easy-to-use vacuum is the perfect solution for those looking for a cleaner that even newbies can operate right away!

Conclusion: Is The Bissell CleanView Vacuum Right For You

The Bissell CleanView Vacuum is an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable, budget-friendly vacuum.

It offers powerful suction and versatility with several attachments to tackle any job.

The dirt cup holds more debris than other vacuums in its class, so it needs emptying less often during long cleaning sessions.

Plus, its compact size makes storage and carrying easy from room to room or floor to floor!

The design also provides convenience with features like a removable brush roll cover and washable filters that don’t need replacing as often as others on the market.

Its five-year warranty gives shoppers peace of mind when making such an important purchase – if something goes wrong within those years they know they’re covered by one of the most recognized names in home electronics around!

So is the Bissell CleanView Vacuum right for you?

Consider price point, power & performance, weight & dimensions etc., then take advantage of bargains online without leaving your home – there’s no better way! With this high quality upright vacuum cleaner you’ll get great value at an amazing price with little effort required on your part whatsoever:

  • Powerful suction
  • Removable brush roll cover
  • Washable filters
  • Five-year warranty
  • Bargain price point

Make hard floors sparkling clean again today with the Bissell CleanView Vacuum!